If the conversation you are monitoring has over 10,000 posts in a single day, the platform will take a random sample from each data source (in proportion to the prevalence of that data source in the total conversation) equaling 10,000 total posts. For example, if the conversation you are monitoring finds 4,000 posts on January 1 and 16,000 posts on January 2, all 4,000 posts will be analyzed for day 1 and a random sample of 10,000 posts will be analyzed for day 2, totaling 14,000 posts for the entire date range.


Getting Large Amounts of Data

Every time a monitor is run, it pulls up to 10,000 posts for a given day.

However, the /posts endpoint will return 10,000 posts per request when the extendLimit query parameter is added. If you have 10,000 posts each day and query for three days worth of data, you will not receive 30,000 posts, you will receive 10,000.

If you want to receive the maximum amount of data for each day, it is recommended to make a unique request for each day.