Post Filtering

Filter posts in the /posts endpoint

Some endpoints support filtering directly within the query without creating a filter through the UI. For these endpoints, you may use the following rules.


URL Encoded

Due to the complexity of some queries (whitespace and unique characters) ensure that the URL is properly encoded when making requests or the request may fail.

For endpoints that support filtering, you can add pipe delimited values as a query parameter. For example:

&|keywords:(android OR ios)|geolocation:USA.NY.New York

Supported filters include:

KeyExample ValueDescription
keywords(iPhone OR Android AND "new phone")
geolocationUSA.NY.New YorkOne of the geolocations found via the /geography/all endpoint.
category123456789Numerical identifier representing the category you want to filter by (emotion, sentiment and opinion monitor categories).

Category IDs are available via the /monitor/detail endpoint.