The Analysis API is not included in standard contracts, instead relying on a cost-per-query model. Please reach out to your primary contact at Crimson Hexagon for more information.

The Crimson Hexagon Analysis API is an asynchronous API used to make on-demand queries against social data without creating a monitor.

We have annual package pricing based on the number of queries that you would like to run. A "query" is a request for data about a keyword, keyword phrase, or complex boolean for a 24hr period. (So to get volume metrics for "nike" for the last week in May, you would need to run 7 queries - one for each day with the same keyword = "nike"; to get volume metrics for "nike OR swoosh OR 'just do it' " for the last week in May, you would also need to run 7 queries).


The Analysis API will periodically respond synchronously depending on query complexity and caching, but you should always be prepared to handle asynchronous responses.

The Analysis API accepts a JSON query containing parameters specifying the type of analysis to be initiated along with data sources, date ranges, language filtering, and more.

The API has been designed to return data for date ranges no greater than any single 24 hour period.


Values passed to the startDate and endDate parameters must not exceed this 24 hour period. An error will indicate queries containing invalid date ranges.

If results are not yet ready at the time of the initial request, users will receive an HTTP status code 202 along with a key:value pair containing the ID which should be retrieved at the time specified in the response body. This ID can then be used to determine if the job is complete.

  "resultId": 527434743,
  "status": "DONE",

The Analysis API returns aggregate metrics, for some post level information, you may be able to utilize the Results API /posts/ endpoint.