Realtime Streams API

We have opened up access to the Realtime Streams API! This API allows you to gain access to an unsampled stream of posts from a group of monitors; up 300,000 posts per month. Higher limits are available by reaching out to your primary Crimson Hexagon contact or clicking Help at the bottom right of this page.

Image Analytics in Monitor API

Image Analytics is now available in the Monitor API! This collection of endpoints and properties allows you to acquire valuable insights into image data within a monitor.

Affinities Now Available in Analysis API

You may now request user affinity data via the Analysis API for Twitter data!

New: Analysis API Custom Content

You may now perform an analysis on custom content sources uploaded via our Upload API by using the following syntax:

New: Content Upload Changes

Next week brings a number of changes for richer content uploads. You may now include gender, age and/or geolocation with your custom content uploads.

New: Total Available Posts

For the last API update of 2015, we've added a totalAvailablePosts field to the /posts response. This field contains a count of all posts available for a given request, subject to our 10,000 post-per-day sampling limit.

Removed: Organization Name

In this very tiny Friday the 13th update, we're deprecating the organizationName field in the Team List response.

Removed: Instance Name, Username Filter

For today's release, we have two small deprecations to announce. First, we are deprecating the instanceName field in the Monitor Detail and Monitor List responses. The teamName field provides the same information as instanceName, so please use that field going forward. Additionally, related to this change, we are deprecating the ability to filter the Monitor List endpoint by username.

Interest Affinities and Deprecated Endpoint

This release, we have one minor endpoint improvement and one general API update to share.